Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Manifesto: The Creation of a Baker(y)

Inspired by a search for purpose, drive, and progress, as well as an assortment of trivial events (which, yes, does include Julie and Julia and a trip to Old Grist Mill Bakery), I have decided to take my own journey. This journey is one to create a list of perfect recipes. The thought behind this creation of amazing recipes is to find the recipes that would make up my own personal bakery core. I figure all baker's start by having amazing recipes. I have a few amazing recipes, but I am an aspiring cook and I don't know very much.

What I do know:
1. Most things taste pretty good with a recipe to follow. Recipes are hard to screw up completely.
2. That being said, there is a lot of things to learn a long the way to perfection. I am interested to know how to make things more moist, or more flavorful. The important thing is I DO know that there is a science behind cooking. I just need to learn it.
3. Food taste good, and it is easy to share. I am able to share happiness with people just by delivering them delicious food.

So, just to put this all more clearly:

My Goal:
Collect the "best of's" in the baking world. In essence, I am creating a bakery.*
[*I will use the word bakery loosely. Though most of my recipe attempts will be baked goods, there will be other recipes that sneak in, just because I can't be eating carbs all the time.]

My Plan of Action:
At least one recipe will be tried a week. I will be ranking each recipe in comparison to each other. There will be different categories (i.e. cupcakes, cookies, frosting, rolls, breads, etc.)

To finish this Baking Manifesto, I invite you to come along with me on this journey of unknown length, because I know that nearly all of us love food and I figure people like thinking and reading about food as well. Please feel free to comment and give suggestions.


  1. Thanks for the invite. Last night we went to a surprise Birthday party for Bishop Maranto, his wife made a homemade ice cream birthday cake. It was delicious. I thought to myself I have never thought of making a homemade ice cream cake. You are right there are lots of recipes out there just waiting to be discovered. Enjoy your journey. You're amazing.

  2. I love you, Amanda! You know I'll share any quirky recipes with you that I come across. Perhaps we can share some recipe testing times during Conference weekend. I love this! :-)

  3. now this is creation at its finest. definitely its most deluctable.

    i have a chocolate chip cookie recipe i'd love to share.
    p.s. i love the background.

  4. Amanda- Your blog is an answer to one of my goals in life. As you know I enjoy cooking a lot but I have never really been a big baker (beyond cookies and a few bread recipes). I have been wanting to get better at it. I am excited to read your discoveries! Thank you for doing this! You are great, I love it!

  5. I also was inspired by Julie and Julia. If you want an amazing sweet roll recipe (years ago they were sold at Grandmothers house here in Kingwood). Visit our blog, the address is on my facebook under picture.



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